About Us

IREM Members are employed by some of the most prestigious real estate firms in the world and nearly 70 percent hold upper-level management positions. Due to their professionalism and vast experience, property owners and investors worldwide continually seek out the management services of IREM members.

With our strong network of members in all fields of real estate, whether you are looking to enhance your education, search for a new job or try to find a qualified vendor, IREM of Northern Nevada has what you are looking for.

    Professional Ethics

IREM was built upon a foundation of ethics. All individual members are required to abide by the IREM Code of Professional Ethics to maintain their membership. The Code is strictly enforced – violations are processed within a defined structure, including an established peer review process, and may result in disciplinary actions. The Code protects the public, promotes competition and reflects contemporary business practices.

All real estate management firms holding the Accredited Management Organization (AMO) accreditation must abide by the Minimum Standards and Code of Ethics for the AMO to maintain their membership. Click here to view the AMO® Code.

The IREM National site provides extensive information relative to policies regarding ethical conduct (click here) and outlines the complete IREM Code of Professional Ethics. (click here to view)